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  • Tampaslice Says:

    8/10/2010 1:00:01 AM

    I really miss the Budweiser Thoroughbred Digest show. Was the only televised coverage of Horse racing back then. Bet Twice had a good rivalry with Alysheba, but Alysheba won a lot more money and killed Bet Twice in the breeding shed. Alysheba is a Triple Crown winning caliber horse doomed by a jockey not in the same class at the time. If Pat Day was Alysheba's jockey during the 87' triple crown races we'd have 12 Triple Crown winners instead of 11. McCarron was Alysheba's only weakness.

  • joefederico Says:

    6/09/2009 11:38:38 PM

    Both Sheba and BT had their game on that day. Pretty fast early fractions and only 3/4 of a length separated them at the finish. Sheba was a 1-dimensional closer while BT had tactical speed. Perret knew his horse inside and out and always got the best out of him. I grew up 15 minutes away from Monmouth Park so BT was my favorite in this rivalry although I think Sheba was actually the better horse. BT also benefitted from excellent handling by trainer Jimmy Croll.

  • k7m4 Says:

    29/08/2009 9:04:40 AM

    man can chris ride! i cant beleive hes my instructor;)

  • bleinmeis Says:

    31/03/2009 5:15:11 PM

    Thanks for posting this!
    Rest in Peace Alysheba

  • carlykaiser Says:

    31/03/2009 10:01:16 AM

    Goodness! How long has the Bud Longshot been around ;D Thanks for this video =)

  • rcherasaro Says:

    31/03/2009 9:34:44 AM

    seems like he just came home.thanks for the video..brings back the good ole days

  • partymanners Says:

    31/03/2009 4:33:05 AM

    So much talent in that field.. They don't make horses like that anymore... Thanks for posting..

  • Ravenspass4life Says:

    31/03/2009 12:25:39 AM

    rip boys

    cant believe alys gone
    he wasnt in kentucky long
    miss you guys

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