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  • ZayedEr Says:

    29/01/2007 1:48:02 AM

    In addition thier is somthing nobody noticed !! One owner have Bernardini, Discreet Cat, HH and add Invasor competing in the Same Year ! at the end of the year someone have to be retired.

  • ZayedEr Says:

    29/01/2007 1:47:32 AM

    i'm from UAE and Dubai is part of it, its very sad thats almost all people in USA think that Bernardini and HH was retired because of MONEY !
    H.H shaikh Mohammed is one of the most richest men on earth we talk about bilions of bilions, so money is'nt the issue here.
    H.H shaikh Mohammed has another openion for retiring Bernardini and HH and its THE KENTUCKY DERBY. He wants to win this race. He wants to see the sons of both competing in the run for the roses.

  • cf1970 Says:

    21/01/2007 3:54:32 AM

    Yes, they were retired WAY too soon. One more year would have been fair to racing fans. Money at the breeding shed talks loudest it seems. It would be great to see Invasor win it twice, and in succession. He's a beautiful boy. Have a great day.

  • rebecca11391 Says:

    20/01/2007 2:21:01 PM

    yea i certainly feel robbed of bernardini. and henny hughs..i'm glad invasor didn't retire! i hope he races this whole year, who knows, maybe he can be the first horse since tiznow to win the bc classic twice! god bless you too!

  • cf1970 Says:

    20/01/2007 7:43:57 AM

    Yep, I agree. I'm afraid racing fans were ROBBED by a seemingly greedy owner. He certainly had the pedigree for greatness. God bless.

  • rebecca11391 Says:

    20/01/2007 6:34:46 AM

    man..i wish he hadn't retired..he could have been great..and by great i mean known by everyone as one of the greatest..but i guess we'll never really know

  • rebecca11391 Says:

    19/01/2007 11:07:36 AM

    oh wow thats awsome! i had never seen this race before! haha and he wasn't even the favorite

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