Jorge Navarro speaks with Gabby Gaudet regarding video controversy

  • Uploaded on 24/09/2017 8:07:52 AM
  • Category: Pre Race

Tags: controversy Gabby Gaudet jorge navarro speaks

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  • MarathonManPeatMoss Says:

    25/09/2017 1:54:25 AM

    And my friends wonder why I don't bet horses anymore, this guy is as slimy as it gets. Wait until you have a few key horses get narrowly beaten by horses that come back positive, you'll quit too. It's sad, really. The game is so polluted today, does anyone really think today's trainers that consistently win at percentages far greater than Charlie Whittingham, Woody Stephens or Mac Miller ever did are better horsemen? Face it, the game is a shell of what it once was and the industry people are either clueless or have just given up trying to fix it. They're all just praying it doesn't completely implode before they make it to retirement.

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