Round 21 AFL - Sydney Swans v Fremantle Highlights

  • Uploaded on 12/08/2017 11:00:27 PM
  • Category: AFL

Tags: afl fremantle highlights swans sydney

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  • trinsicity Says:

    13/08/2017 4:26:15 AM

    I just sincerely hope this is the wake up call Freo so desperately needs to realise that they're so far off being competitive that drastic changes need to take place.

  • AKOSR Says:

    13/08/2017 4:16:52 AM

    Great win by the boys! Adelaide we are COMING!

  • Reece Eyre Says:

    13/08/2017 1:12:46 AM

    Lets hope Fremantle can repeat this effort against Essendon in 2 weeks time.

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