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  • victormaster100 Says:

    29/07/2012 2:01:56 PM

    Redbull for me is one of the companies that make the sickest videos ever!!! These guys just know how to live.

  • Nicky HippyPixy Says:

    29/07/2012 9:35:26 AM

    wicked, these guys are skilled :)

  • 4shCZ Says:

    29/07/2012 1:55:36 AM

    i love this movie, dont get me wrong, im not a hater :D but did they really have to swim? :D i feel like there was a place to go around it, if you look closely

  • 83MasterChief94 Says:

    29/07/2012 12:39:14 AM

    probably the best movie ive ever seen. watched it like 7 times and still cant get enough. just amazing.

  • MysterySmileyMan Says:

    27/07/2012 6:34:37 PM

    We never see them land their tricks.....

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